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Advantages of Product Advertising and Targeting for SMB Sellers on Marketplaces

A survey conducted by Smart Placement Ads analysts and the "Children's World" marketplace revealed that 81% of them actively use the platforms' internal advertising inventory.
Most sellers prefer to use product advertising to promote their goods. Analysts note that 35% of sellers choose targeting as their main promotion strategy. At the same time, 43% combine product advertising with display advertising, and 6% use only display advertising.

The survey also showed that 62% of SMB companies choose targeting as a promotion strategy to communicate with their target audience. Meanwhile, 31% choose targeting due to limited advertising budgets, and 7% experiment with different approaches.

According to the data, the strategy of maximum reach (displaying ads without targeting) is less popular among SMB companies. Only 11% of respondents choose this approach, attracting the attention of a broad audience.

The survey also revealed that 19% of sellers rarely use the platforms' internal advertising inventory. The obstacles they face include high cost, difficulties in setup, and doubts about the effectiveness of the tool.

Overall, targeting and product advertising on marketplaces are preferred promotion options for SMB sellers. As noted by Konstantin Brovka, Director of Online Marketing at "Children's World," targeting allows for efficient use of the advertising budget. Natalia Rodina, Marketing Director at Smart Placement Ads, emphasizes that choosing product advertising and targeting is an integral part of successful promotion on marketplaces.

Marketplaces offer several advantages to SMB sellers. Firstly, they allow reaching a wide audience of buyers, as marketplaces often have a large number of visitors. Secondly, they offer targeting tools that enable advertising to be aimed at specific consumer groups. This helps increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and achieve higher conversion rates.

Product advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote on marketplaces. It allows sellers to highlight their products on marketplace pages, attracting potential buyers' attention. Combining product advertising with display placement can amplify its effect and help attract even more customers.

Targeting, on the other hand, enables ads to be targeted at specific user groups based on their interests, preferences, and behavior. This increases the likelihood of reaching the target audience and improves the results of advertising campaigns. Moreover, targeting can help sellers efficiently allocate their advertising budget by focusing on the most promising customers.

However, despite all the advantages, SMB sellers may encounter some obstacles when using product advertising and targeting on marketplaces. High costs, difficulties in setting up advertising campaigns, and doubts about the effectiveness of the tools may discourage some sellers. However, with the right strategy and support from the marketplace platform, these issues can be overcome.

Overall, the use of product advertising and targeting on marketplaces is an effective and preferred approach for SMB sellers. They allow for greater visibility and conversion rates, as well as efficient use of the advertising budget. Thanks to these tools, sellers can successfully promote their products and attract more customers on marketplaces.